We Believe In The Gospel

We believe Jesus Christ is Lord. We believe Jesus went to the cross and died for our sins that we might live according to His purpose.

We also believe in the five-fold ministry as stated in God’s Word. We have been given a charge to perform and an assignment to fulfill.

There is no adding to the “Word” or subtracting from the “Word” to fit our on agenda. Jesus is the only way and there is no in between.

We must walk in the fullness of Our Lord and savior. Never giving the enemy the opportunity he may want to move in our lives. We therefore believe greater works shall we do in His name.

In addition, we believe fasting is a must in order to aide in the deliverance from the enemy. Howbeit, we must be sincere as we approach the Throne of Grace in living the life, walking upright, and setting ourselves aside for the Lord to use us as He will.