Prayer Is Power

A charge given to us is to give of ourselves intently to prayer.  We believe you are a spirit being and that the Holy Spirit wants to have some special one-on-one time with you. The Levites prayed daily as given utterance by The Holy Spirit and so must we.

We find ourselves living our life on the altar and intercessory prayer for others, as we constantly pray daily for those who cannot help themselves.

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Many times we have encountered those who ask questions such as why “Shut in” to pray. We believe if you have a pure heart, soul, and mind we can move mountains and go through valleys as The Lord leads and guides us.

We ask you avail yourself to the Master and let Him reveal Himself to you in His very special way. We welcome you and believe God wants you set free and deliverance is a major component.

Come to the House of Bread Deliverance Church where the Holy Trinity has spread a feast for you and your family.