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GET INVOLVED: City of Pine Bluff—YOU’RE SURROUNDED 8th Annual Prayer Rally

August 1, 2020, PINE BLUFF, AR— From Pine Bluff, Arkansas across America, the streets, schools, homes and neighborhoods are witnessing days of great disturbances and disconnect from godly principles and values.  Divided people from politics to pulpits continue to breed cycles of hate and divisiveness and as a result of this; disunity, crime, murder is way too frequent and increasing.  Where is the help?  Who can we turn to?

On Saturday morning August 3, from 6am to 7am, on the grounds of the Pine Bluff Civic Center, things will change for the better, says the prayer leaders in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. “We’ve seen the positive results from prayer. Pine Bluff is better when God’s people are praying in unity and in agreement for His Will to be done and we must not take these moments for granted,” stated the organizers.

August 1, marks date for the 9th Annual Prayer Rally led by Apostle Saint Mary Harris, local and national prayer leaders. This year the theme is, YOU’RE SURROUNDED. It conveys that Pine Bluff has and is building its strongest prayer wall with a focus on a city, a municipality, a people being surrounded by love, prayer, faith, courage and most importantly, the Word of God.

The theme comes from multiple biblical passages that confirm God’s protection and covering of His people who commit to prayer. Several will be read during the rally. The organizers are inviting pastors, parents, youth, city officials, community and civic leaders to come together in a literal ‘circle of love’ beyond ethnicity, race, denomination, political party, etc.  The goal for ‘Prayer Rally 8’ is that Pine Bluff ministries and concerned citizens will come out in church vans/buses, cars and gather in this 6am prayer, unite in values that are biblically based that bring favor and results as God desires.  These efforts support the values documented in the constitution as our nation declares itself to be ‘one nation under God.’

Prayers of love and unity will be prayed for various spheres and influences include: church, family, education, government, media, military as well as issues that focus on non-violence, the economy and overall betterment for the citizens in Pine Bluff and Jefferson County.

The vision of the Prayer Rally continues each day at the Pine Bluff Prayer Center with daily prayer at 9am and other prayer opportunities throughout the week. For information on how to connect and be a part of the prayer rally and ongoing prayer services contact Apostle Saint Mary Harris at 870.872.2196 or visit www.houseofbreadark.org

“Pray Without Ceasing” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17

City-Wide Prayer meeting for Pine Bluff, AR

Date: August 1, 2020

Location: 200 E. 8th St. Pine Bluff, AR, The Steps of the Civic Center, near flag pole, next to Post Office

Time: 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.